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Class Descriptions


The inspiration and guidance for TriYoga comes from Yogini Kaliji’s direct ongoing experience of kriyavati siddhi, kundalini energy manifesting as hatha yoga. The inherent characteristics of this expression, such as smooth rhythmical breath, spinal waves, relaxation-in-action, and economy of movement, result in a seamless flow ~ the unification of pranayama and mudra with dynamic and sustained asana to create greater flow of prana. TriYoga sequences have been systematized from Basics to Level 7 into a comprehensive method. Ultimately, TriYoga is merging with the inner flow, universal energy.


Restorative yoga is a gentle, slow, still style of yoga that involves long, passive holds in a series of 4-6 restful poses. Yogis are often supported by props to enhance or deepen their experience and achieve a state of total relaxation and release.

Mini & Me

Did you know you could do TriYoga with your mini me?
TriYoga is inclusive to all forms of guardianship and child-rearing. We want caregivers, moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles to feel comfortable bringing their mini into a Mini & Me TriYoga Flow class. Here you and your mini can engage in a flowing sequence of postures helping you both build strength and gain flexibility. Now, we know minis come in many shapes and sizes, so we have you covered in all events. If your mini is asleep in their carrier, just park their carrier beside your mat. Your mini might be a rambunctious toddler and we have that covered as well! Tots participate at their own level (and at their own wishes). We have yoga-friendly props they can play with beside you or somewhere in our Yoga room. Additionally, we have a staffed, sensory room where your toddler can stay busy as well. Sometimes our mini’s gang up and dance around the room and we welcome free-play in its many forms. If your mini is older and can stay focused throughout the class, we will happily guide you through!

TriYoga Therapeutics

In The Floating Fox’s TriYoga Therapeutics Classes, we focus on recovery and healing of certain areas of your body. All classes will include focus on spinal alignment and healing. TriYoga Flows and additional focus will be given to areas such as shoulders, hips, and knees. This is different from a “free the hips” or “free the spine” class. This class is for people working through injuries or for individuals with limited mobility for one reason or another. Check out our class schedule to see what we are currently offering. If you are struggling in an area not listed, please message us for potential upcoming classes or private lessons.

Teacher bios


I found TriYoga as a teenager. I fell in love instantly with the flowing therapeutic practice. I used the lung-strengthening breath work learned from TriYoga to heal my chronic asthma. I attended every TriYoga class I could find in Lexington, KY and soon moved to Northern California to study directly under TriYoga’s founder, Kaliji. In Northern California I immersed myself in Yoga and Seva. The first class I taught in TriYoga was to children at the Santa Cruz TriYoga center.

When TriYoga’s founder moved from Northern California to Southern California I was quick to follow. There I taught TriYoga in gyms in Malibu, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, and Hollywood Calfornia. I have fond memories of teaching in famous gyms on Sunset Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway. My favorite part about teaching has always been watching the transformation of my students.

I moved back to Lexington over 10 years ago to raise my family. I am the loving mother to four children, ages 3-14. I used my meditation, breath practice and muscular skills learned from TriYoga to give birth and to heal from giving birth.

A few years ago, I sustained a shoulder injury from a bootcamp workout. I realized then that I needed to return to a safer excersise so I immersed myself in TriYoga. Thanks to TriYoga’s economical motions and alignment I have healed the injury. This renewed my love for TriYoga and has inspired me to return to sharing TriYoga. I am so excited to share this practice with my community so others can strengthen their bodies, heal their alignments and free their minds from anxiety, worry and negativity.


I have an appreciation for movement and fascination–a pure obsession–with the human body. Yoga has helped me gain a sense of calm, physical strength and confidence. I began practicing yoga in 2011, shortly after receiving my bachelor’s degree from Penn State University. I practiced to relax and clear my mind. My exploration has led me to discover restorative yoga and traditional vinyasa.

I have been guiding yoga sessions since 2019, shortly after earning my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification with Lexington Healing Arts Academy. My training has been focused on restorative yoga practices and traditional vinyasa. I have guided restorative and vinyasa yoga at SoulRebel, a Body Care studio; Un Abrazo Amigo, Kentucky Childrens’ Hospital and I love to volunteer at local library branches.

Aside from raising twin daughters, I am the middle school Spanish teacher at Providence Montessori Middle School. I have a degree in Photography from Penn State, and am currently having fun working on a picture book with my husband in our free time…which is rare with the twins, but it’s fun when it happens!


 I grew up on the country side of Kentucky born the 5th out of my parents’ 8 children. My childhood days were spent outdoors magnifying my love for all of nature. My father (who passed away while I was a teenager) introduced me to natural healing as a child so I grew up with a connection to my mind and body from an early age. My father taught me the importance of energy healing, gardening, caring for animals,  caring for my health and wellbeing through natural healing modalities and eastern medicine practices.

I found yoga or, you could say yoga found me during the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. That’s when I started a daily practice of yoga flows and breath practice. On December 21st 2021 winter solstice, I sat on my living room couch 8:30 pm in meditation. As I relaxed and completely let go in meditation a powerful shift of energy moved through my body from the base of my spine and my mind and body lit up with so much love and overwhelming joy. I knew in that moment that my calling in life was to share with others how to wake up this connection within themselves. I have been immersed in training ever since. 

My path led me to TriYoga which embodies everything that I love about Yoga. From natural alignment to building strength and flexibility to an intuitive flow that opens up every chakra and connects one to a state of peace and bliss like no other. I feel so lucky to be able to study under the master of TriYoga Sri Kaliji. To know her is to love her as she radiates love and peace. TriYoga flows come through her spontaneously and she has systematized these flows so that we may all experience the union of body, mind and spirit to transcend time and space. I practice TriYoga flows daily and now I teach almost every day.  On Mondays my 5-year-old son joins me for the Mini & Me TriYoga Flow classes here at The Floating Fox. 


I met Yogini Kaliji in 1997 and have been practicing TriYoga ever since. I am TriYoga certified directly with Kaliji. I studied under her in California from 2000-2012. I continue to practice daily with Yogini Kaliji and  TriYoga teachers on KRIYA Live Online. For more than 20 years I have offered TriYoga classes and workshops: Basics through Level 2, in English and Russian, including TriYoga Teacher Trainings in China. I am an animal lover and have been vegan for 22 years.


My experiences as a performance coach, personal trainer and stretch therapist span 12 years. I offer a functional approach designed to ensure the body is aligned, balanced, and moves optimally – free from dysfunction – while eliminating chronic aches and pains that plague so many. I’ve worked in a facility filled with professional and college athletes, top level youth soccer players as a performance coach, and with a diverse group of clients as a personal trainer, including at two outpatient rehab clinics.

After a lifetime associated with sports – I left the competitive environment – instead, choosing to work with clients passionate about their well-being, who seek to improve quality of life. My fascination with the mind-body connection, spiritual journey, and exploration into energy medicine all contributed to this altered course. I obtained a BS in Psychology, then transferred to the University of Northern Colorado, where I received a MS in Sport and Exercise Science, with an emphasis in Social Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity. Areas of focus were motivation, well-being, perfectionism, and exercise physiology.

Since graduate school, I’ve extensively researched perfectionism, while educating others to better understand how it can negatively affect both physical and emotional health. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA, an EXOS Performance Specialist (XPS), Functional Movement Screen certified (FMS), completed extensive stretch therapist training recognized by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB), and a reiki practitioner.


Hello to you!
I am happy to share my love for fitness as it has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Becoming a fitness instructor has allowed me to share the emotional, mental and physical benefits with others. I have enjoyed the connection between the mind, body and soul my entire life.

In addition to my certification in Cardio Core I am working on my certification in Yoga! Five years ago I discovered Yoga after my move from Northern Ohio to Lexington, KY. Practicing yoga has allowed me to connect with my inner self and tune into my intuitions. Here at The Floating Fox I apply Yogic techniques to my Cardio Core classes. Spinal care and alignment are at the core of every movement. If you would like to burn calories, build muscle and tone your body in a yogic environment join me on the weekends!

When I am not in the studio you can find me hanging with my dog Roman, taking care of my house plants or flying high in the sky as I have been taking flight lessons to feed my love for aviation!

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