Improve Your Running With TriYoga

Our studio at 400 Old Vine, Lexington, KY sees its share of early morning joggers every day. Our classes are made up of student athletes, pro-athletes, and regular runners of all ages. No matter where you are at with your running journey, just starting out or a faithful regular, our TriYoga classes at The Floating Fox can help you recover from and improve your running routine!

TriYoga is a type of yoga practice that focuses on smooth rhythmical breath, spinal waves, relaxation-in-action, and economy of movement, resulting in a seamless flow. Our classes will help you keep the spine healthy by moving the spine in all 6 directions. Side to side flexion, forward bend, backward bend and side to side twist. With our flowing postures lengthening the spine and bringing breath to the muscles, ligaments and tendons, runners get a chance to bring fresh blood flow throughout their body. Additionally, as TriYoga focuses on lengthening the spine with each movement, the class members get a chance to create space between the vertebrae which helps to undo the compression caused by the impact of the stride.

Most classes start in natural alignment where we help you tune into your body and align your spine in the most comfortable, healthy alignment. Next, we move through a flowing sequence of postures that help balance your body and bring attention to any areas that might need some focus. TriYoga flows move through stretching of the hamstrings to help gain flexibility and to prevent future lower back pain. We flow through inversions bringing the blood flow towards the head giving our knees, hips, and ankles a break from gravity. We also take time to flow through postures that nourish the ankles and toes and provide stress relieving movements to our overused extremities.

Regular practitioners are familiar with other benefits of TriYoga like built-in physical strengthening and flexibility but most new students find it thrilling to learn how the coordination of breath to movement helps calm an anxious mind and set a tone for peace by calming the nervous system. TriYoga also improves the circulatory system, rhythmically bringing oxygenated blood flow throughout the body. Studies have shown how this sort of breathing helps to lower blood pressure, release tension in the muscle, and improve coronary health.

If you are a fan of the runner’s high, you will love our 10-15 minute deep relaxation at the end of every class. Here your pointed concentration leads into a meditative state that inspired the word floating in “The Floating Fox’s” name. Before sitting in meditation, we lay in tranquility-pose, allowing the body to absorb the many benefits of the sequenced TriYoga flows. From here, we move to a seated comfortable position and allow the mind to transition from relaxation to meditation.

If you’re interested in how TriYoga could help improve your running routine, check out a free class at!